mmHg stands for millimeters of mercury. It initially measured how much mercury in a barometer rose at different pressures. mmHg is the expression used to know what compression the sock gives. The higher mmHg, the higher the compression.

12-14 mmHg Compression Class Low
For those who do not need so much pressure in backing socks.
Usefully used as travel support socks Daily talk airline stockings.

15-22 mmHg Compression Class 1
The most common occurrence of the support stock
Support socks in this class are used to improve the circulation of the legs, at the first signs of chronic impaired blood circulation and to remove fluid accumulation in the legs. They also suit those who feel tiredness and swelling in the legs, or have beginners / minor scars. These backing socks improve blood circulation in the legs and help remove fluid accumulation in the legs.

Pregnant? Then this class is preferable!

These help reduce fluid-filled bones during pregnancy.
Need more stability for the growing stomach so use support panties for pregnant women.
As You Find Here! !

23-32 mmHg Compression Class 2
This compression class exerts an effective pressure at the ankle. Appropriate for severe vein fractures, swollen bones, swelling after blood clots, after healing of minor wounds, during venous complications during pregnancy.

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