Tanja Liverpool
Tanja Liverpool -  11-14 mmHg
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Why do my legs swell during pregnancy?

The most common cause is an increase in the amount of blood and fluid in the body that raises the pressure on the veins and nerves during pregnancy when you gain weight and volume!
In most cases, this is not dangerous, BUT if the pain becomes severe, see a doctor.
You can alleviate the inconvenience this entails with support socks! In the beginning, you use these or similar on the legs as regular long socks!

The longer the pregnancy goes and the belly grows, so buy support tights for pregnant women.

11-14 mmHg
61% Cotton, 72% Polyamide, 7% Lycra

You can make the product last longer by following the guidelines of how to wash and take care of them. You can see the wash advice in the tab for fact-sheet, and you can click here for the care-advice.

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