Medical Compression Socks

Medical Compression Sockss are manufactured in a way that meets specific compression or pressure requirements for those of you who need to use medical Compression Sockss.

Medical Compression Socks have a much higher pressure than in everyday speech Compression Socks.

Class 2. 22 - 27 mmHg.

Recommended by healthcare professionals if you have various medical conditions that you need to alleviate, such as venous leg ulcers or blood clot problems.

These differ get regular Compression Sockss, as the pressure is much higher. Do not use these unless have recommend using them by your doctor.

Medical Compression Socks are usually stiffer and thicker

Than ordinary Compression Socks can be perceived as more difficult to put on. But then you can roll up the sock on the foot which makes it easier to put on.

See how you do it here!

Non-medical Compression Sockss Class 1 8 mmHg to 15 mmHg and 15 mmHg to 21 mmHg
Compression rates of 21 mmHg or less are considered non-medical Compression Sockss and are used more for general comfort and support for those without underlying problems.
They are ideal for tired, aching legs, swollen legs or for use when traveling.

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